L’Enfant d’en Haut, 2012, directed by Ursula Meier
with Kacey Mottet Klein and Lea Seydoux

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The Fortune Teller (1869), Jean Frederic Bazille

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"We’ve had a good ride, something to be proud of too" - Tony Alva

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Romaine Brooks, Self Portrait, 1923

From the Smithsonian American Art Museum:

In this painting, Romaine Brooks portrayed herself in the dark colors of a man’s outfit, her eyes veiled under the shadow of her hat brim. Brooks lived most of her life in Paris, where she crafted an androgynous appearance that challenged conventional ideas of how women should look and behave. The shadowed face in this portrait suggests that her true self is hidden behind a carefully constructed facade. The tiny flash of red on Brooks’s lapel represents the ribbon of the Legion of Honor she received for her artistic achievements, but it might also hint at the secret passions of her personal life.

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